Church Digital Services

These difficult times recoving from Covid isolation are especially hard on your church community.   Churches around the country have closed and many will not reopen in a foreseeable future.   Your congregants still need the spiritual support that a church can provide, as well as the comfort of their religious communities.

Church's have been forced to move their message online to be able to continue to reach their members.  As I'm sure you've seen many examples of bad online church services, many fall short in technical quality, which distracts from the message and can make people tune out.

At JWB Digital Solutions, we work with church technical staff and can provide a full suite of post production and video editing services on weekly service recordings.   We also provide document conversion for your weekly bulletin and service publications.  We can work with your tech volunteers or manage the entire project ourselves.   We will evaluate the situation from your church and provide you cost effective options for improving our online presence.

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Here are a few active samples of options for your church online