JWB Digital Solutions

Different businesses have different needs. We often get calls from people that want little more than a single page website for the purpose of having a site. They know that a web address on their calling card ads credibility to their business.

We also get requests for Internet services that cover much more. Many of our customers incorporate multiple websites, blog sites, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet venues into their Internet marketing campaigns.

Whatever your need, we will customize an Internet strategy for you.

Small Business Websites

For as little as $800 we can have a multi-page website for your small business up and running with no hosting fees. We handle the domain, the web pages, and getting it up and running in no time! We have a variety of packages available for the small business owner, nonprofits, or individuals who don't have a lot of cash, but need to be online!

Call us--we can make it happen for you!

What do you need?

You need to be better than your competitors. Online visibility keeps you at the digital 'front of the line' for customers to find you and engage your services.

Let’s work together and determine what you need. Who are your competitors? What are their websites like? What can we do to make yours stand out?

A Custom Design

The site will be designed around information that you provide. Logos, text, and photographs are the primary elements that we will get from you. Then we take this information and build a customized website.

Make Your Web Site Interactive

Web 3.0 promotes interactive information sharing. Information on your website is viewed by your sites visitors. And your site visitors can post information to your interactive site or through other social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Full Social Media Integration

Be up and running on the web in 7 days!